Updated 18th JUNE 2014

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Many Thanks to everyone who has helped including Steve's Family, especially Luke, Lou & Tony. His school friends (many of whom knew him as 'Porter'), Les Best, Paul Welch, Paul Cox, Bo, Nik Turner, Michael Moorcock, Russell Hunter, Joly, Twink, Dino Ferari, Ron Tree, Larry Wallis, the other cats & those who have now passed over - Dearest Gurt, Wonderful Keith Morris, Delighful & witty Mickey Finn, (Judge) Trevor Thomas & Mick Farren,... Also Lucifer Sam, Grimble Gromble, & to all 'Tookie' List members! Web Mistress - Fee. Career History - David. Research & Design: Copyright © 1999 to 2014 All Rights Reserved
Steve Peregrin Took's Domain! Most famous for being founder member of Tyrannosaurus Rex (T.Rex) with Marc Bolan Took's life was far more wide ranging & influential than most people think!
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