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This is a band Steve Took formed while he was living in the Canterbury/Margate areas. Steve lived there a number of times, spending time in the deepest, darkest parts London, before returning to the sun and light and fresh air of the Canterbury/Margate areas. In Tolkien terms - London was Mordor and Canterbury/Margate was the shire. His final visit to Mordor was when he met his final girlfriend and never saw The Shrire again.

We are pleased to be able to include a link to a video (audio with static image) which we have added to You Tube, of an account of Steve Took performing in Canterbury, not with the band, but as a solo performer, supporting The MC5. It is often said that Took's performances were spoilt by his drug-taking and certainly he did suffer from huge bouts of "Stage Fright" where he would take something to calm him down (such as Mandies), but then before they took effect, he would panic and think they were having no effect and would then take more, only to find they reached full effect while he was on stage, or just about to go on stage making it hard to perform at his best, or perform at all. "Stage Fright" is something many performers suffer from, both then, now and will continue to do, as long as individuals stand up in front of people who are expecting to see *something* and who have often parted with hard-earned cash to see the show!

Below is a link to a Video (audio with a static image) account of Steve Took's performance as the support for The MC5. Two things were different about this gig compared to those in London which is where most people saw him live.

1) He was not in the 'circle' of London 'friends' so he did not have easy access to the harder drugs his friends and collegues there took (excuse the pun). Some of these *friends* were far from being genuine friends becuase they often plied him with drugs for their own ammusement and entertainment to do as they themselves said "see how many drugs Took took before he became incapable". These people, were themselves frequently unable to perform at their own gigs and thus there was interchanges of band members between bands such as The Deviants, The Pink Fairies and Hawkwind. Steve Took for example stepped in to replace a Pink Fairy at one gig in London when the band member was too "out of it" to play.

2) He was supporting the main band, so this would also have no doubt reduced the *pressure* on him, to perform, this allowing him to have far lower "stage fright" levels.

Here you can find out the first of the information on the *other* Steve Peregrin Took, while he was in the Margate/Canterbury area, far away from London and his heavy drug using friends there.* We are delighted to be able to include a video (audio and static image) of a Steve Took gig in Canterbury where he supported The MC5. They received a review of Two Stars, while Steve Took received a review of Four Stars!
* Some of these friends and their liggers are those who when approached about Steve Took asked why anyone would want to write a book about him? Apart from the obvious - "He got to Number One in the Album Charts and into the Top Ten singles chart as one crucial half of the duo Tyrannosaurus Rex" It is input such as that provided by his girlfriends and other people who knew the Real Steve Took who make him more than worthy of a Biography (and maybe even more than one). WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (Link opens in a New Window)